New Customer Acquisition Programs

Finding new customers is tough… finding the right ones is even tougher. It takes time, focus and resources. With organizations running leaner every day and working hard to maintain your current share, it’s a difficult proposition. We can help!!

With our tested and proven four-phase model, we’ll teach your team how to properly approach and pre-qualify the best prospects as well as how to build relationships and close new business within a very short period of time.

Our work begins in pre-launch. Success is built early in the planning and preparation stage. We’ll make sure your management and sales teams are well-aware of the objectives and action plans in advance of the program kick-off so each individual can be ready. It’s critically important to respect their time and other priorities, and it goes a long way in achieving the buy-in required to exceed our objective.

You can expect sales revenues from “the program” to achieve an increase in local business of between 25% and 40% on average in year one. We’re looking forward to succeeding together.


Customer Retention & Expansion

Customer attrition can run as high as 40% annually in local advertising categories. With our proven advertising campaign designs, we help you to not only close new business in year one, but to keep that business for many years to come. We average 70% retention of year-one customers renewing in the following year’s program. We’ve seen that number as high as 87% in a recent program.

We can also help reverse existing attrition! With our in-depth data analysis, we’re able to pinpoint year-over-year losses by advertiser, category and time-frame to help target key areas of attrition, reduce the negative impact on annual revenues and even grow previously shrinking advertising spends. We’ll help plug the holes in the “leaky bucket”!


Sales Training, Coaching & Mentorship

Sales training can’t just be trained… it must be integrated into daily behaviors. Our world-class sales training focuses on combining timeless, basic fundamentals with a razor-sharp focus and an empathetic view of each individual salesperson. Every one of us is a little different. We’ll take a customized approach to ensure everyone delivers their very best result and create an outcome that meets the objectives of both the salesperson themselves and the media partner as a whole.

We’ll apply a coaching and mentorship reinforcement model that allows our best practices to not only take hold, but to transcend the program itself and to re-shape the sales culture. Your team will be better as individuals and closer as a group by program’s end.

We’re excited to meet your people and to challenge every individual to grow both professionally and personally!


Data Analysis

A critical key to a successful program outcome is in the quality of the database we build together, but there is also great information in the data that already resides in your system!!

We’ve designed a data template which allows us to examine your own internal data and share with you historical and existing trends which can inform our decisions relative to pricing and value offered to the market. It also gives us vital information regarding under-optimized industry categories and areas of heavy customer attrition.

Our data-driven analysis allows us to provide detailed reporting to accelerate program preparation and optimize outcomes for our valued media partners. We’re excited to share our perspective!


Performance Management & Talent Assessment

Your people must be your greatest resource… and struggling teams don’t get to add extra players! Think of every professional sports team… the ones at the bottom of their division don’t get to add extra players to compensate. Media organizations are no different! You work within an operating budget and you have to have the very best players on your team for the number of players you’re allowed within that budget. You don’t get to just add more!! Not only can we help get more out of the players you have… we can help you assess your talent and help inform critical team decisions going forward.

As leaders in our businesses, there are two core competencies we assess within our individual sales performers - Ability and Commitment!! And, there may certainly be different determinations made dependent on the varying levels of each. Our first objective is to be assessing these competencies objectively. This is a real challenge for most organizations who tend to rank their players intuitively and subjectively based on their performance “against each other”. In other words, a medium-sized sales team of 8 sales people may have a manager who tends to believe there are 2 -“A’s”, 4 -“B’s” and 2 -“C’s” when in fact there are no “A’s” at all if you evaluated them against the organizations true standard of performance activity and results. Or, if in light of key performance metrics, you observed their activity in the field objectively - are they coachable? Are they committed to self-improvement? To make these assessments accurately, we examine 3 key pillars… Activity, Results and In-Field Observation. Both Activity and Results are measured against metric-based criteria. Our in-field observations help us to fairly round out the assessment.

In addition to these assessments, we offer the design of a comprehensive Performance Management System. This includes four key components:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Training, Coaching & Mentorship
  • Talent Assessment
  • KPI Based (Activity & Results)
  • Self-Management (Time Mgmt)
  • Observational Evaluations

Our goal is ALWAYS to improve performance. We look forward to working together to coach and mentor your players to advanced levels of success!! We look forward to providing tools and important feedback to help!!